Introduction I

My love for cupcakes started in a rather odd way. I was born to a family with a lot of female bakers from my mother’s side. So…as you might have guessed I wanted nothing to do with baking. I spend too many days running around the kitchen after my granny while she did her thing. The woman loves to have sous chefs. Which also explains why my love for eating sweets as a child ended rather quickly.

I would have died before admitting just how much I enjoyed being in the kitchen. It was only later that I developed a fascination for cooking shows and magazines. During one of my all-day-cooking-shows marathons at home I came across a couple of baking shows. I fell in love with them and just couldn’t stop! It was a couple of months after that I learned of the existence of Cupcake Wars, no surprise with me living in the middle of the Caribbean.

Cupcakes! So small delicate and beautiful. They looked so easy to do on the TV. I had never baked anything for myself (excluding the times I helped my nan) and the curiosity was killing me.  So, I went to Amazon and bought myself a cupcake recipe book. When I had the money, I got the ingredients and hopped right in. The task would be quite easy…right? Later that I discovered just how wrong I was.


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