Introduction Part II

The recipes in the book I bought were super easy from the ingredients in them. It’s just flour,a couple of eggs, a bit of milk,sugar ,butter some baking powder and vanilla. All of that mixed together. Simple wright? We’ll not quite.

I made sure to measure everything perfectly according to the recipe below. I took my Kindle, opened my copy of The Complete Cupcake Recipe by Michelle McGargant an set for the task.

Recipe for Birthday Vanilla Cupcakestaken from the book. Complete Cupcake Recipe

Yields 12 regular cupcakes*

-1 cup of sugar
-1/2 cup of butter
-2 eggs
-2 tsp of vanilla
-1 y 1/2 all purpose flour
-1 y 3/4 tsp baking powder
– 1/2 cup of milk

*yielded me much more than that.

I went through the recipe a couple of times just to make sure nothing was left behind and I ended up by ruining it. Thank the heavens I have a stand mixer and creaming the butter an sugar was a bliss. I then added the eggs one by one. The batter was separating but I didn’t mind it much, that was probably normal. Added all the missing stuff and filled my liners with a table spoon. Then they were up to the over at 350°.

They came out soooo cute taking in account I made them mini and was checking the oven like a paranoid. I didn’t want them to burn.


They looked like that. Perfect and super cute. Let’s just say hell broke loose when I tried to bake them full size and they ended up with the height of a moon crater. I learned a couple of things that day. When we are to bake it is needed to bare in mind the altitude and temperature of the place were the preparation will take place.

I am in DR (and people that have been here can confirm it) here we have but 2 seasons, Summer and Hell. So, is no surprise that butter is basically melted at my room temperature.

Here you will find many of my alchemy/baking experiments. Some of them very successful, some others… well not so much.


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